Monte-Charge Elevator Systems

Compliance with International Standards & Norms
Small lifts designed for carrying small goods, with suitable dimensions.

[title]Service Elevator Features[/title] Service elevators are produced to operate with manuel type doors. Since the hygiene concept is the most important thing in this type of elevators,  stainless steel material is strongly preferred during production. Optionally, shelf application for the plates and cups or different materials, etc. is easily applicable.

In  the production of Service Elevators;
Imported or Domestic Machine are,
Operating from floor to floor with a simple control feature
Fully electronic microprocessor control panel,
Single speed or two speed options,
are optional.


Drinks, bottles, glasses, books, barrels, crates, files, shoes, food, medical supplies, crockery, components, white goods, heavy sacks, boxes when CARRYING your goods.


250 KG

Hoistway dimensions

width: 1500 mm

length : 1200 mm

Cabin dimensions

Cabin Width : 1000 mm Cabin length : 1000 mm Cabin height: 1200 mm

Door dimensions

Door Width : 1000 mm Door height : 1200 mm

Cabins features

Cabin 304 Quality Stainless Steel

Spot Lighting

Middle Shelf 304 Quality Stainless Steel

Door Features

304 Quality Stainless Steel Manuel System ( Semi Automatic )

Button features

Stainless Steel Panel, Call – Send System

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