We know that the best reference is a happy and satisfied customer.


With our knowledge and experience in lift industry since 1976,  we carry out the righteous pride of completing many major projects and achieved the target of a serious list of references, which also let us to prove our solution partners that we can easily adopt our products to various architectural projects.

Our website has been established for the purpose of online sales regarding complete package dumbwaiter (monte-charge) lifts through the internet. We are also standing and well known as the first broadcasting website in the elevator industry.

[title]About us[/title]

Our Policy

Our policy as an organization, is to add up value to our suppliers or customers together with a staff; loving their own job, being honest and self-improving, information and knowledge sharing and being efficient as well as who follows the latest developments in the lift industry, paying the most attention to research and development to ensure the use of relevant art, compromising product quality with the latest technology to meet customer expectations at the highest level and maintain our brand value.


Being reliable

Keeping fairness and justice in the forefront in customer relations

Being dependent on moral values

Efficient use of global resources

Being respectful to the environment and the world we live in


Innovation lies at the core of our company's success. Developing our economy will create a livable world to assess the opportunities and innovative ideas, will route to create new jobs thereby adapting to changes ​​are deeply rooted in our infrastructure and experience as our prior value.

Our Goals

  • Achieving full customer satisfaction
  • Continue to quality and values both domestic and international markets
  • Increasing efficiency in production
  • Ontime investment by monitoring the latest developments in our industry
  • Creating corporate culture
  • Stabilizing  and increasing the fiscal values of our company
  • Increasing the labour’s satisfaction


Leading in the elevator industry both domestic and internationaly by presenting innovative approach for various customer needs and demands.


In every service we provide when compared with our competitors, we aim to provide the best quality in the shortest period of time to our customers with affordable prices, respond their demands in the minimum time and to ensure reliability and continuity for them along with keeping up the satisfaction of our employees and safety at the highest level.


We are committed to create a new lifestyle in order to improve the community’s knowledge, awareness and development by giving sponsorships, providing scholarships and with an understanding of social responsibility we give our full support to innovative projects and activities as well as improvements in the education of our community and its’ daily life by using our  own resources. With our contribution to our industry and by following the latest developments all around the world, our company will continue to provide such solutions both in Turkey and the globe for the upcoming years.


OVIT Asansor AS. Carsi Mah. Kartal Cad. No: 74 Yakacik – Kartal – Istanbul – TURKEY


  • Door Lift
  • Fuji Elevator Escalator
  • Time Machine
  • Axxon Safe
  • Guda Machine Motor